\n"); print ("\n"); print ("Trying out Backgrounds\n"); print ("\n"); print ("\n"); print ("

Backgrounds for MVD documents

The current background image is:

\n"); print ("To use this background for any document created in the MVD use this line within the BODY tag:
\n"); print ("BACKGROUND=\"" . $background . "\"

\n"); print ("For example:
<BODY COLOR=\"white\" BACKGROUND=\"$background\">

As you might see, after playing around with this page for awhile, all the images are kept in the http://www.global-dialog.org/graphics/ subdirectory. Knowing this you can probably get away with using relative addressing instead of the whole path, if the document which will use that image is on the same server, which most of the MVD documents are. For example you could use: BACKGROUND=\"../graphics/imagename.jpg\" if the MVD document you are working on is in the default subdirectory for MVD files.

\n"); print ("Choose a another background image from the list and press the Submit button to try it out.
\n"); print ("

\n"); print ("
\n"); print ("
"); print ("

Most of these backgrounds are rather subtle so as to not detract from the text and other foreground elements. All of the current backgrounds seem to work with the default black text, but if you want to use another color for text, links, or visted links you can specify this in the BODY tag as well. Consult a HTML manual or use the MVD wizards to help you out.

If you come up with other cool backgrounds or would like to request that I change a color - or fade or strengthen the color - of one of the existing images just let me know.

\n"); print ("Gerry

"); print ("

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