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Big Picture: The Election

Post on Candidate Integrity
What topics should we use to measure candidate integrity?

Post on Bush: Good, Bad, & Ugly Back up what you say!!

Post on Kerry: Good, Bad, & Ugly Back up what you say!!

Post a Question for the Candidates

Post on Media Spin & Language
What wording used by the media or the candidates do you like, hate, or find misleading or manipulative, and why?

Post on Political Myths
What myths or 'magical thinking' do you think are running the show - or at least our subconscious minds?

POST a new Media Link - Please tag it 'conservative', 'mainstream', 'progressive', 'conspiracy' - whatever it is to you. ;)

Post a new QUOTE A quote from Thomas Jefferson, Jon Stewart, or Seven of Nine - we don't care, just make it good!

Your opportunity to present the evidence for why your candidate is *truly* better - or just post on humor, the media, the debates, whatever

On the left is a set of links where you can post the great humor you find (TOTALLY NECESSARY!!), your criticisms of and questions for the candidates, important pieces of the puzzle that have not been reported on, and where you'll be able to vote on the integrity of the candidates about specific issues. We're deliberately making this page small so you can keep it up at the same time as other browser windows you are reading or posting in (in case you didn't know, you can have more than one browser window up simultaneously by going to the 'File' menu and clicking on New --> New window). This way you can be searching, surfing, writing posts, and not have to look for where to put them!!


Or just post something funny in the Humor section. :)

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